Easy Does It Time on The Deck. Quail and other animals abound in this rural setting Artisans come from all over to provide live music which is always enjoyable. The River House is family owned, and family run.

Respect and Compassion

Assisted Living for the Elderly

River House is owned and operated by George and Peggy Patmore, both lifetime Homboldt County residents. It is a large and comfortable elegant home, where residence are free to walk about safely under the constant supervision of staff. It is located in the Eel River Valley of Humboldt County. We are in a peaceful country setting with a majestic view of the Scotia bluffs and redwood trees.

We have four lovely bedrooms, two living rooms, and a large formal dining room that are all on one level with original hardwood floors.  There is a covered front porch with a railing that runs nearly the entire length of the front of the house. The back of the house provides a large patio furnished with tables and chairs for outdoor dining when weather permits.

The yard is landscaped with a variety of flowers that are blooming throughout the year.  River House offers the perfect balance of privacy and companionship.


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